Weekend Events: Sunday SWAG by Youth Nation of Harvest Place

Weekend Events: Attend Sunday SWAG by Youth Nation of Harvest Place. Link below for details.


Sunday SWAG an event for the youth by the Youth Arm of Harvest Place International Ministries holds this Sunday at 9:45am. By the way, SWAG is acronym for Saved With Amazing Grace.

In the words of the Pastor in charge of the Youth arm of the ministry, Pastor Jason Alekewumu,

“Sunday SWAG is a program organised by Youth Nation of Harvest Place, an organisation with the primary aim to raise exceptional leaders. This we do by helping young people discover their talents and hidden abilities and guiding them into maximising their potentials.

“Sunday SWAG is one our initiatives towards achieve OMG this. It is a two-hour event where a number of young people get to express themselves. It will also provide a platform for friendship and networking.

“Presently, hundreds of young people from higher institutions across the nation meet between 10 and 12 am every Sunday .

“Sunday swag will…

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