When Past Pains Are Still Real…


Deu 2:2-3 Then the Lord said to me, ‘You have been traveling around this mountain country long enough. Turn northward

Have you ever wondered how the children of Israel kept going around the same mountain over and over,  year-in-year-out for 40 good years?

The answer is simple: the mountain was the only thing they could see!

It was their only focus- so they just kept circling it!

This continued until God intervened, broke the jinx and changed their focus. He then gave them a new vision, fresh hopes and a brand new direction.

There is more to life than this mountain you are focusing on” said God, “… look beyond and turn you northward!

And by His command, they were empowered to step beyond the boundaries of their well known limitation!

Have you been going round the same cycle of heart break, defeat, bitterness, failure, barrenness, stagnancy (you name your mountain ) year- in- year- out?

Better put- are losses, wounds and the pains of yesterday and previous years still fresh or even biting deeper?

Then you have probably focused on that ‘mountain‘ a day too long!

It’s time to break the jinx, shift your focus, look beyond ‘this mountain‘ and change your direction.

Surely, there are new opportunities and great possibilities around- if only we’d look beyond ‘THIS mountain’…

May you be empowered by His words today to shift your focus and step beyond the limitations of days, months and years gone by in Jesus’ name!


Lord, I have circled this mountain one too many times! Truly, I have fought this battle a day too long. My heart is still broken. The pains are still real. The reality is still too bitter a pill to swallow. Only YOU can deliver me from this pattern.

Please break me loose and set me free from this cycle of pain, failure and defeat.

Grant me the liberty to march on with you in victory:
Free to live and serve you- the true and Living God.
Free to live to serve my generation, and be what you made me to be.

Let me hear Your voice say to me, “Go Forward!” Amen.