Introducing Our Book Series: (1) Miracle For You EACH DAY Devotional Series

Now, let’s do some proper introduction:


Miracle For You EACH DAY is an undated, well-researched and life-transforming Devotional Series, which shall span many topics of interest and relevance to Life, Career, Business and Spirituality. Titles in this Series shall be released periodically, but undated, and each can be used as a devotional guide at any time of the year.

The first title in this Devotional Series, LIVE!!! Getting Your Groove Back, an undated 30-day devotional guide with Life Application Sections is a very interesting read which aims to impart strength to hold on and not give up; or otherwise, to move on and achieve even more amidst life’s pressures.

The subject is dealt with under four headings namely:

– Life, Living and Recovering
– Attitude Shift (Stop Coasting Series)
– Joy Series (The Gate Rule) and
– Evolving

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Our way of wishing you to a Prosperous New Year in advance!!!