Breaking News: The First Title of Miracle For You EACH DAY Devotional Series is LIVE on @Okadabooks


Finally it’s here!

I’m excited to inform you friends that the First Edition in the Miracle For You EACH DAY Devotional Series is now LIVE on Okadabooks.

This one is entitled, LIVE!!!  Getting Your Groove Back.

LIVE!!!  Getting Your Groove Back  is an undated 30-day Devotional Guide aimed at equipping you with fresh vigor and giving you a Victorious Outlook on life which is needful for an Amazing New Year.

The EBook comes with a Life Application Section after each chapter for Further Study and Self-help.

And here is saying Thanks a million for being a part of my dream. Now that it’s out,  please also be a part of its reality by following this link to get your copy from Okadabooks NOW. Download link is

Please spread the glad tidings by sharing this link with family and friends and let’s make this a Dream Christmas as we prep for the most Amazing New Year Ever.

God bless you richly for your support!  And on this note I wish you the Merriest Christmas ever!!!