#Storytime: An Angelic Party… A taste of Eternity …

At just few days to the official release of the revised version of my Novella Stepping Up To Be Seen,  here is a short excerpt… A taste of eternity.

Enjoy it!

* * * * *

From naesnest.com

“Holy! Holy!! Holy!!!
Worthy is the King who sits on the throne forever!
The whole earth is filled with Your glory”,

the Cherubim cry.

Suddenly from nowhere, some euphoric music fills the air with loud blasts of trumpets and clanging of cymbals! The sweet music is slow, fast, mid-tempo, upbeat, all at the same time.

Besides, it has attributes of all music genres known to the human mind: jazz, classical, disco, rhythm and blues, Afro beat, reggae, country music, and others yet unknown and undiscovered on earth.

An army of Cherubim emerge, and suddenly begin to dance hysterically before Him, with such extreme… Read more here

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Genre: Inspiration (Devotional)

Miracle For You EACH DAY is an interesting, well-researched and life-transforming Devotional Series, which shall be released periodically and shall span many topics of interest and relevance to Life, Career, Business and Spirituality.

The first title in this Series, LIVE!!! Getting Your Groove Back shall be officially released on December 23, 2015. (Download load links to various stores shall be published at 4pm prompt) Please expect a number of titles in this series in 2016.


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