Think You Can or Can’t : And The Whole World Agrees With You… #SteppingUpToBeSeen

And here is a short excerpt from Stepping Up To Be Seen. Enjoy it and be blessed!

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Jesus literally bubbled with joy as He previewed His Second Mission in Jericho. Never in His earthly tenure had He met such a man as the notorious and much hated publican called Zacchaeus.

Hated for being so mean…

Hated for having exploited many…

And of course very much despised…

Not exactly for being so short; but because he despised himself!

He had seen himself as a grasshopper all his life: and so was he in people’s eyes!


Moreover, because he believed so much that he could never measure up, everyone agreed too!

As people would soon discover however, this man was actually a rare gem indeed!

What Jesus found most fascinating about Zacchaeus…

Care for more?

Stepping Up To Be Seen by Funmi Adebayo is an innovative blend of Fiction and Inspiration specially written for those who feel Unlucky… Cheated by life’s circumstances.

Stepping Up To Be Seen is launching in two versions: a novella and a version with study notes.

Anyone ready for a change?  Please Watch Out!