4 Days On Where Your Victory Lies In Crisis

From tanveermaseer.com
From tanveemaseer.com

Is anyone facing a demanding situation? Does it seem like life’s storms are beating vehemently and threatening to rock your boat? Perhaps your finance; relationship, job, business, health etc. is under some sort of pressure as we speak? Well, you are never alone!

However, it’s not time to give in to despair or leave yourself to distress.

Everyone faces demanding situations once in a while; nevertheless, life’s challenges do not have to be a death sentence, for you are able to conquer them and still make it through to your desired haven regardless!

Welcome to 4 Days On Where Your Victory Lies In Crisis–  a Topical Devotional Series designed to walk you through one of life’s most difficult times- periods of crisis or intense pressure

May you find peace and victory through every life’s storms; and may every raging storm be calmed by God’s power, as contained in His precious promises, in Jesus’ name.

Be blessed!

Day 1: Where Your Strength Lies In Crisis

Day 2: How To Not Fret In Crisis

Day 3: Thou Shalt Laugh

Day 4: You Must Address The Situation