7 Days On How To Handle Shattered Dreams


When I grow up, I’d like to…

Drive my first car at 20
Make my first million at 22
Get married by 25
Start raising my own kids by 26
Start my own business by 30
Build my own house by 40…
So help me God…

Everyone has similar wishes and aspirations at some point. Oftentimes however, some probably go well past those landmarks and yet the dreams go unfulfilled by some unforeseen circumstances. Then we have despondent,  disappointed adults who have vowed by Jove to never dream again…

Nevertheless delays and broken dreams do not have to mean halted or broken destiny: if only we understand and cooperate with the Sovereignty of the Invisible One who has a way of turning everything around to add up even better than imagined.

Welcome to 7 Days On Shattered Dreams,  a Topical Devotional Series designed to walk you through one of your most difficult times- periods of dashed hopes and broken dreams; delays and disappointments.

May you find Hope and Strength to live again and dream again. And by His grace may your destiny be delivered intact to you with all things turning around in your favour eventually in Jesus Name.

Be blessed!

Day 1: Your Destiny Is Intact

Day 2: How To Handle Shattered Dreams

Day 3: How Resilient Are You?

Day 4: Accepting ‘What Is’

Day 5: From Inside Out

Day 6: He Saves The Best For Last

Day 7: Would You Still Be Waiting?

Funmi Adebayo © 2015