Day 36: Life Could Be Sweeter…


2Cor.13:14(GNB) The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.
It’s an honour today to re-introduce to you the most important Factor to your earthly Christian experience. Can someone take a wild guess at Who or what that could be?

It is the person of the blessed Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit is the difference between living and merely existing in the Christian life. He is the one who makes the Christian faith more than mere religion.

…as our Comforter, He is there to make our lives comfortable in this uncomfortable world!


It is He who makes the Christian life possible, enjoyable and extraordinary. He is the life and breath of the living God in us and the very heart beat of our personal walk with God.
Without Him, the Christian experience would be burdensome, boring and powerless. Without Him the Christian faith would be outright unthinkable.
Sadly, the Holy Spirit is also the most ignored Person in our Christian life!
Whereas, the Holy Spirit is not in us in vain. He is not just there to occupy space. He is not a piece of furniture. NO! Rather, He is a Person in the Godhead or Trinity, and He has specific ministries to fulfill in our lives.
For example, as our Comforter, He is there to make our lives comfortable in this uncomfortable world!
However, Christians today would rather keep on struggling, inhabiting parched places of the earth and living gloomy lives while the Comforter is just a call away- waiting earnestly to make our lives beautiful; desiring a sweet fellowship…

We will dwell on the subject of ministries of the Holy Spirit under the tag #HolyGhostSeries. Please stay tuned and get ready for a revival and a total transformation of your Christian experience by His grace.

Sweet Spirit, please forgive me for having ignored Your divine help and presence in my Christian walk all this while; ever trying so hard to make thing happen on your own…

Peace-Giving Life Changer,
Joy River,
Way Maker,
Divine Helper
My Comforter, I step into the grace to fellowship with You henceforth with a promise to embrace all Your ministries and to give You room to fulfil Your purpose in your life. Over to You Sweet Spirit. Amen.
Funmi Adebayo (c) 2015