Day 35: When The Music Fades…


John 2:3 (KJV) … They have no wine.

What if on the pathway to destiny ….
The story ends during it’s conception-
Before it even begins?

What happens when the business dies
From an error
Before operation commences?

What if the wine finishes at the wedding reception-
Before the marriage even starts?

Men lose hope
And wonder
Whether the story could ever be written…
Whether the business was ever a divine idea!

Women despair
And doubt
Whether the marriage was ever meant to be…

But there is a God
Who begins with the end in mind

Who has a purpose
For bringing them together
Seeing it all before the start

That is the definition of destiny-
What He made them to be
Why He brought them together
The reason why they exist

Not the script
Not the business
Not the wine
Nor even the marriage
Is what the ‘enemy’ is after!


Lord, when the going gets tough in the quest for significant, please help me to not consider the glaring challenges and quit; but please grant by Your grace that I catch a glimpse of Your original intention from which I might acquire the strength required to stay on and to keep holding on. Amen.

Funmi Adebayo (c) 2012