Day 14: Who Needs A Watch Dog?


Pro 6:6-8 (GNB) Lazy people should learn…from the way ants live. They have no leader, chief, or ruler; but they store up their food during the summer, getting ready for winter.

There are some people who can’t do anything well without assistance. We all can do with a little help sometimes. There is another category who must be under strict supervision to deliver any tangible result, and sincerely, we all sometimes do need close supervision.

The third category however, is those who cannot do just about anything well EXCEPT there is something at stake; sometimes a literal ‘watchdog’ to impose penalties!

Remove the stakes, watchdog or penalties- and they simply stop functioning. They practically shut down!

There be … things… little upon the earth, but … exceeding wise…The locusts have no king, yet go they forth all of them by bands… Pro 30:24;27 (KJV)

The tendency to ‘coast’ in life is prevalent. Rich, poor, black or white, absolutely no one is immune. From junior level staff to top management, we all have a great tendency to get complacent when no one is watching.

Junior and middle management staff typically coast when they are beyond the reach of their boss’ jurisdictions. Moreover, top management staff, and even business owners coast when they are not answerable to anyone around- especially when they could easily toggle the figures to temporarily create good impressions at occasional board meetings.

While there are agreeably many factors that could lead to lack of motivation at work and in life generally, complacency is an attitude problem which has nothing to do with ability or any other external factor- favourable or otherwise.

Complacency is a very deadly attitude which could degenerate into further issues if left unchecked. It’s an issue we must fix as we settle down into this new year.



Lord, I sometimes lack the motivation to do the things I should when there is nothing at stake. I have the tendency to coast and get complacent with life when I am not answerable to anyone. Meanwhile to really make a mark in life, I must remain accountable and committed to delivering quality results even when no one is watching.

Please give me the grace to be self motivated and to keep delivering the results I should even when it seems my efforts don’t count. Amen.

Funmi Adebayo (c) 2015