Day 12: Your Destiny Is Intact


Luk 4:1 (KJV) And Jesus being full of the Holy Ghost returned from Jordan, and was led by the Spirit into the wilderness…
Rom.8:28 (GNB) We know that in all things God works for good with those who love him, those whom he has called according to his purpose

Welcome to #DreamSeries!

Does the wind of life seem to be blowing you in a direction opposite to your God given vision and dream? And circumstances around you won’t just allow you yield completely to your passions, quite contrary to your earnest desires?

If you answered “Yes”, you are NOT alone!

Sometimes in life, our carefully prearranged agenda get interrupted and our once smooth journey towards destiny seems seriously disrupted.

For example, imagine having to take up a seemingly irrelevant job for a living which leaves no room for working on your talent; or being overwhelmed by a demanding responsibility that leaves no space for any other pursuit…

Imagine being stripped of your coat of many colours by the very people who should nurture you, the very people you love and trust…

Or it could even be as bad as having one’s education interrupted or even halted by the loss of a parent or sponsor… Or being jilted by a fiance or fiancé you’ve dreamt of a beautiful future with…

…as the builder builds, the building process also builds the builder!

At such times, it is easy to get so frustrated and confused to the point of giving up on destiny and God altogether. But that is NOT the time to quit!

Eccl.3:11 (MKJV) He has made everything beautiful in His time; also He has set eternity in their heart, so that no man can find out the work that God makes from the beginning to the end.

It is at times like this that we need to understand that even though life’s road may be full of bumps and potholes, God is sovereign!

Seasons do change in life, but God remains unchanging.

Moreover, as the builder builds, the building process also builds the builder!

Every point of our journey through life sure contributes to our destiny!

We will sure tell you more in our #DreamSeries. Make sure you don’t miss any. In the meantime, please wipe your tears and say this short prayer:


Lord, I thank You because despite the many stop over’s of life, MY DESTINY CANNOT BE DELAYED and despite the potholes of life, MY DESTINY REMAINS INTACT!

I am certain that You will work everything together for my good because I love You and do Your will in every circumstance; and as surely as You are never rushing, yet never late, You will sure make all things beautiful for me in Your time! Amen.

Funmi Adebayo (c) 2015

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