When Seasons Change, So Must We


Mark 4:37;39 (KJV) And there arose a great storm … and He arose and rebuked the wind…

The major cause of crisis at every curve of change is the fact that people find it difficult to adapt, having never fully envisioned change.

Therefore being ill- prepared for change when it occurs, they are taken unawares by life so to speak.

That is exactly what has happened each time our productivity tools and agenda for yesterday are no longer adequate to help us achieve a balance today.

Life was designed to be progressive. Therefore, we can’t always expect to be able to combat the sophisticated challenges of today with yesterday’s archaic methods!

Time is forward- moving. Life is advancing, and when seasons change, so must we!

We may need to review our operations, redefine our priorities, amend our methods, or give them up altogether- but whatever we do, we definitely can’t stick to the same old methods rigidly.

For example, survival strategies which sufficed when one was a supervisor would definitely be inadequate when one changes roles and becomes a unit head. Likewise, what worked for an employee would not work when he starts his own business. Again, the lifestyle of spinsterhood or bachelorhood wouldn’t suffice to run a home successfully when one’s status changes.

New wines must be poured into new skins. When the storm arose, Jesus rose up to the occasion too!

It’s time to end the struggle:

In this context, you may need to put pen to paper and write down some things you will need to start doing differently in 2015.

Funmi Adebayo (c) 2014