Career Battles…


Next they see Jude, a young executive who though extremely brilliant is suffering a serious setback in his career because he has chosen to relate to life from the stand point of his weakness rather than his opportunities.

Jude is not very eloquent; he suffers from a very bad stutter.

As a result, he who could have been an excellent leader acing his career comes across as very shy: all bottled-up and laid back.

This has affected his job negatively over the years as obviously less- qualified people keep overtaking him on the career ladder every now and then.

Unfortunately, Jude is also too shy to seek help with his stuttering.

“If only my parents had enrolled me for speech therapy while I was still a kid” he often wishes.

Nevertheless, Jude has technical savvy, and could have at least invested in self-help. Even though too shy to seek human assistance, there are many applications and programs on his iPad and iPhone which would have at least assisted a great deal.

Yet, he keeps buying one more game every day to take his mind away from his sorrows…

Whilst he needs to make a decision and take action… Care for more?

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Written for those who feel unlucky and 'cheated' by life's circumstances, this  innovative blend of fiction and inspiration by Funmi Adebayo teaches that the outcome of a man's life is not a function of his circumstances but his decisions.