Maggie’s Dilema…


Next they see beautiful Margaret lying awake with tears streaming down her pretty face as she stares at her beau Michel snoring carelessly away into the dead of the night…

Margaret has been raising frantic petitions for her marriage which is falling apart by the day!
She’s been married to Michel for five years, and it has been crisis, arguments, financial challenges, and emotional struggles all the way…

As at today, Margaret feels seriously dwarfed and unlucky by her circumstances and thinks she has had enough of it all. She can’t go around that familiar cycle of pain again one more day…

“Can any good thing come out of this marriage?
Obviously, Michel can’t be God’s will for me.
This can’t be an idea of Heaven’s kiss!
If only I had been patient enough to wait for my Prince Charming perfectly designed by Heaven for ME…”

She ponders.

She is very ready to quit just the read more