Caught Between Passion and Survival…


Next they see Marcus, a business man who has been struggling to make ends meet for the past one year. He is still battling through the initial stage of ‘not enough’ every new small business faces in recovering economies.

Marcus courageously quit paid employment to set up an Advertising Agency about eighteen months ago; and his business has been in operation for the past twelve months. Nevertheless, the small business hasn’t broken-even up till now, and is barely paying his bills.

Marcus had always believed that his passion which obviously has great societal relevance would also attract some quick economic value.

Recently however, the temptation to put survival first and quit keeps building by the day. With a wife (though working) and a two year old daughter to cater for, he is now at the point of throwing in the towel and giving up on his dream.

Having been a middle management level staff while in paid employment, he is sure he would get a good job fast; only that this might also very well mean another buried dream forever as he isn’t getting any younger.

Nevertheless, Angelo, another mighty errand bearer, who also attends to earthly intercessions, (and is also busy dancing his entire being away at the on-going praise party), is already warming up to come set the stage for more opportunities to keep generating funds for Marcus & Co. to remain in operation one more day…

and the next…

Until that ‘big day’ comes when Marcus would look back in retrospect to discover that his faith mixed with little efforts to keep his business running day by day has pushed him into his season of more than enough unawares…

But would Marcus also choose to keep keeping at it? Would he be found hanging on like Zacchaeus; who when tempted to delete the idea of meeting Jesus over two thousand years ago during his earthly tenure, had chosen to hang on defiling all odds?

Would he choose to maximize the opportunities that would be created for him to stay on in this uncomfortable phase one more day; or would he choose to quit, trading in his dreams of a glorious future no well-paying job could afford for the temporary comfort of today?

It’s all his decision…

Exerpted from Stepping Up to be Seen (Funmi Adebayo, 2013)

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