Enough Is Enough…

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Luk.19:3-4 (KJV) And he sought to see Jesus who he was; and could not for the press, because he was little of stature. And he ran before, and climbed up into a sycomore tree to see him: for he was to pass that way.

Zacchaeus panted as he hurried up the sycamore tree. That was His game plan all along.

His recent discoveries had also convinced him that one shouldn’t keep consenting to and complying with every odd thing life throws at him forever.


A certain day should arise when one would be strong enough to resist, push back from within and say, ‘Enough is enough!’

TODAY was his own day and his moment was NOW!

Surely, he’d had his fill of misfortune: a portion too much for a lifetime; and for him it just couldn’t be life as usual anymore!

Zacchaeus had been born a dwarf- a condition which had triggered many strange chain reactions- most of which had caused him deep pains all his life.

In all fairness and sincerity, most of his life’s ‘tragedies’ had occurred without any fault of his. People never really gave him any chance to prove his worth in the least.

Being someone who naturally battled with a deep sense of insecurity due to his peculiar circumstance, people were always quick to give up on him once he began to falter.

His fault however, was the fact that he never had the courage or will to push – not even a little against resistance and people’s doubts. There was no ‘fight’ in him!

He just caved in to his circumstances in total resignation!

A summation of all these odds against Zacchaeus made him relate to life from the stand point of his ugly circumstances and inadequacies.

Therefore, his mind and spirit were as dwarfed and even much more tortured than his physical body!

But all that was history now.

He had left every bit of it behind and had simply moved on. He was a brand new person now and the whole of Jericho would soon discover that.

TODAY, He would meet the only Man who would love and have faith enough in him to give him a new chance: a fresh opportunity to relive his life and rewrite his own story.

The only One who would not judge him based on his infirmities, inadequacies or iniquities.

The only One who would be gracious enough to give him the chance to prove his worth… as every other ‘normal’ person- his inadequacies regardless.

And not only did he plan to meet the Lord- he must also take Him home to lodge with him that night!

And he already worked out how he would make the Lord locate and choose him among the tumultuous crowd of more qualified people.

This was his strategy:

If the multitude beneath wouldn’t allow Jesus look up, he would shout His covenant name at the top of his voice- exactly as blind Bartimaeus had done.

Afterwards, he would dive into the crowd- throwing his entire little frame right on them all.

That of course would be very untidy; but he was that determined! At all cost, he must take the Lord home with him that day!

His heart raced in anticipation as he saw the crowd approaching…

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Thank You for this new discovery that I don’t have to keep putting up with whatever misfortune life throws at me.

Thank You again for teaching me that with You on my inside and by my side, I can push back against all odds and say, “Enough is enough”

Today in Your name, I kick back against poverty, sickness, my inadequacies and every other thing that has given me a sense of insecurity and inferiroty all my life…

And I declare that from today, I refuse to be driven by my inadequacies, insecurity and other odds against me.

I turn myself and my life over to You… and I declare that from hence forth, I will be driven by Your counsel, Your will and Your purpose for my life. Never again by my shortcomings or their fears.


Funmi Adebayo © 2013

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