… Need for Speed … STEPPING UP to be Seen!

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Lk.19:3-4 (KJV) And he sought to see Jesus who he was; and could not for the press, because he was little of stature. And he ran before, and climbed up into a sycomore tree to see him…

The much awaited moment is at hand! The golden opportunity a certain man had awaited all his life was now very close by; and he’d rather die than miss THIS ONE!

That man, of course, was Zacchaeus and the golden opportunity was his chance to meet Jesus!

He was bent on meeting Jesus at all costs because recent musings had brought him to the conclusion that this single Opportunity would birth several others.

Moreover, he believed strongly that this single Open Door would lead to several others.

He was deeply convinced that in this one deal would be deals enough to sustain him and his entire household for a life time and even beyond.

Something told him this one was going to count for eternity!

What more could he wish for?

If anyone was to catch Jesus’ attention in a city so wide, so populous and so filled with more fortunate, better privileged and certainly more qualified candidates than he, then it had got to be him -Zacchaeus! (He actually beat his chest in anticipation).

Zacchaeus had obviously experienced a lot of change internally. Since the day he heard of Jesus’ impending visit to Jericho, something inside him went loose.

Whatever it was had so changed his entire paradigm that unknown to many, he now saw life, and in fact, everything from a totally different perspective.

He was a brand new person now.

Nevertheless, Zacchaeus did not depend on wishes and good intentions alone for his total transformation.

Strangely, he also understood that for a man to beat the odds against him in life, he must take certain steps (sometimes drastic), and do certain things differently.

In his own case, and with his peculiar circumstance, he knew he just couldn’t continue to live, walk and stand on the same pedestal as others being extremely short!

For a different result, and a more excellent one at that, he simply had to do something ‘weird’…something beyond the ordinary…

Considering the odds against him, he knew that he actually needed a repositioning… He knew specifically that he had to STEP UP his game…

And he had already figured out how he was going to beat everyone to this chance; he already had a game plan!

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I’m so grateful Lord I found You! Or rather, You found me!

Surely, in this one deal are deals enough to sustain me and my household throughout this life time; deals enough to sustain us even for eternity!

I’m all the more grateful that when I feel threatened by seemingly ‘better privileged’ people around me, I can always reposition myself to better pedestals by making necessary adjustments to my lifestyle.

Dear Lord, please grant me the grace to stop wallowing in the dirty waters of insecurity, but to rather step up my game in all the necessary places for a much more favourable and profitable life outcome.


Funmi Adebayo (c) 2013

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