Daughters of Eve (5): Difference of Two Worlds – The Victims

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Victim Mentality

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They either make or mar you.

They either build or destroy your relationships.

And if you are female- you really should watch it because being a mother of nations and a builder of our society, your attitude is about everything!

And I’m not talking about obvious bad or nasty attitudes like anger, bitterness and pride.

I’m referring to those hidden and subtle ones!

‘Poor attitudes’ I chose to call them.

Didn’t the Lord Himself once mention that the thief cometh not but for to steal, to kill and destroy? (John 10:10)

That kind of gives a summary of how these poor attitudes operate!

Talk of attitudes which trigger defective thinking patterns: attitudes like self- pity, guilt, shame, apprehension, the victim mentality, negativity, pessimism, cynicism, inferiority complex to mention but a few!

Smooth operators they are really; because they creep in, operate and abscond unnoticed, leaving their victims practically dead without any clues as to the cause of death!

Eventually, they leave behind such a bitter aftertaste – and set in motion such compelling chain reactions that keep their victims and the whole of humanity plagued from generation to generation!

Even after they are long done and gone!

Talk of the negative aftermath of these poor attitudes. Consequences like


and the likes.

Such unnecessary evils!

Such needless pains!

Probably, just because …

Somebody became manipulative when he lost faith in the fact that just a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ should be just enough… Or because …

While trying to cover up his faults, somebody exaggerated someone else’s faults and blew the truth out of proportion… Or because …

Somebody who had experienced a heart break could not trust again … Or because…

Somebody who had been hurt apportioned blames inappropriately, accusing the guiltless while the real culprit went scot-free…


But thank God for Jesus who came to interrupt the natural order; redeeming us from the power, guilt, pains and consequences of sin through the shedding of His blood!

Glory to Jesus, the power in Whose blood is able to cleanse, save and deliver anyone from the power, guilt, pains and the ugly repercussions of sin; as well as put an end to those hideous chain reactions which have over burdened mankind from generation to generation!

He erases the sinful history of whosoever believes, sets him free from the web of negative penalties and gives him the chance to live all over again -totally free from the painful repercussions of sin that plagued his predecessors.

How gracious!!!

How awesome!!!

Now to our story:

A Bad Day for Rose…

MB900438733It was 6.30am- the unofficial resumption time for Operation staff of Unity Bank.

Rose arrived work sulky.

With her head bowed, she walked past the two elderly security men at the car pack slowly without a word of salutation.

And from the look of things, she wouldn’t have responded even if they had greeted.

Na wah o” , they wondered aloud. “Wetin come do this ‘anty’ today?”

The answer:

Rose had had an argument with her fiancé the previous evening, which had left their relationship seriously threatened.

They should be talking of formalizing things by now, having being in courtship for over a year.

Besides, they had all it takes to settle down, and they weren’t getting any younger.

However, Fred was being very reluctant!

Out of the blues!

He had once been overly excited about settling down- when their relationship first started; but suddenly, he started growing cold!

This had been the case for about three months now!

Worse still, Fred had been coming up with series of excuses why he couldn’t and shouldn’t settle down now- as though to confirm her fears!!!

Rose was an innocent beauty- a very good and humble girl indeed!

She had this chaste look about her; and it was that angelic look which had drawn Fred to her to start with. He simply adored her!

She was another passionate Church girl: another dedicated member of the 12,000 congregation Praise Assembly, one of the fastest growing Churches in town.

She was a tenor in the 800-man church choir, and had caught Fred’s attention in Church while actively in the Lord’s service.

She was another ardent follower of Reverend Tunde James, who walked the walk and talked the talk.

Nevertheless, Rose’s major weakness was this herd-instinct:

She had no problems as long as everything went fine. However, she sometimes found it hard to find her way to the Lord on her own – especially when faced with life’s challenges.

As for Fred, he was a read more