Review Your Strategies…


Joshua 1.2 (KJV) Moses my servant is dead; now therefore arise…

The effect of development can be very amusing sometimes. A new generation is evolving which goes to the other extreme of life for the secret fear of appearing ‘religious’ or old fashioned.

That category of people belittles such things as New Year Resolutions.

Nevertheless, a major hindrance to destiny is the fact that people wish for significance while still maintaining old lifestyles. Men wish for greatness but want to keep living their lives as usual

However, every stage of life requires a new strategy; and every phase of life a new positioning.

Likewise, every New Year sure needs some kind of a resolution, except a man wishes to keep repeating history, and circling the same mountains year in year out!

The turning of each new year is an opportunity to make amends and start life afresh.

The death of Moses marked the beginning of a new era for Joshua. He was however so oblivious to this that he maintained his former lifestyle and kept living his life as usual.

This continued until the Lord interrupted his routine, stirred him to new realities, challenged his complacency and instructed him to review his strategy and to reposition himself accordingly.

Moses my servant is dead; now therefore arise…

Do you wish to attain greater heights this year?

Then it can’t be life as usual!

As Zig Ziglar taught us, to keep repeating history and expecting better results is a definition of insanity!

Life is progressive and you can’t face and win new battles with antiquated weapons. New wine must be poured into new bottles!

You need to challenge your current lifestyle, review your strategies and reposition yourself accordingly.

So, how about a Resolution for this New Year?


Lord, I Thank You for the gift of a New Year, which also symbolises a new beginning and the promise of a brand new start.

I have gone round certain mountains and cycles of challenges and hardship several times. Never again Lord!

Please grant by Your abundant grace, overwhelming mercy and matchless power that the cycle of defeat, pain and shame I’ve known be broken and destroyed forever in Jesus’ name. 

I present my resolutions to You Lord, please grant by your breath that I have the grace and liberty to live in total victory in line with the realities of your plans and counsel for my life this new year.


Funmi Adebayo (c) 2013

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