What Are You Becoming?


Romans 4:18(KJV) Who against hope believed in hope, that he might become the father of many nations, according to that which was spoken…

If you aren’t tired of life as usual, and if you aren’t actively preoccupied with things pertaining to your destiny, then something is wrong somewhere!

Could it be that you are too engrossed with the quest for survival (and the ensuing rat race) to think of life hereafter?

Or are you entrapped within the limitations of a supposed comfort zone, assuming that life will remain the same forever effortlessly?

At about age twelve, every child develops a sense of destiny which becomes an obsession. He hopes to become ‘something’ someday. An example is Jesus who, at twelve, was so keen about being about His Father’s business to the point of getting lost at Jerusalem!

If you’d recall, you longed to become ‘something’ at about that same age too!

Abraham’s family sustained this keen sense of destiny for a very long time, passing it from generation to generation- from Terah, down to Joseph; such that even at 100, Abraham still hoped to become ‘something’.

The difference between that generation and ours is that we tend to lose the fervor along the line- every now and then these days; in most cases, to the demands of survival and the ensuing rat race, as mentioned earlier.

Rat race is only good when there is a predetermined destination.

However, the type which keeps a man ever traveling but never arriving, ever busy but never productive- using the other person as a point of reference while totally neglecting his own calling is both deadly and dangerous.

It’s time to break loose from that (ab)normal cycle, cry out to God to replenish us and snap us back in alignment with our destiny again!

As the year closes, let’s please reflect on the question: “Really, what am I becoming?”

Funmi Adebayo (c)2011

Image from jesrichardson.com

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